chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

coach 951. Lost a pole making the turn onto the lane 8/9 wire in the yard. I think i was (ironically) too far to the left.

Lots of people out this morning. Lots of late people running for the bus. Normally I take that as a hint that I'm running early, but I think that today I'll take it as a hint that people were slow getting out of the sack.

At 7:13 every morning, I'm due at 4/Seneca. I'm usually there around 7:15. However, this happened to be the time the Prime Minister of Mongolia decides to leave town. I waited at 5/Seneca and watched folks put his bags in the trunk, and get the motorcade formed. I saw some people who may have been Mongolian (although from where I was they could have been Mestizos...). After ten minutes of this, the motorcade circles the Olympic Hotel once clockwise and goes roaring off down 5 Ave. My passengers and I crack jokes among ourselves.

But can you imagine being late to work and having to tell your boss, "Sorry I'm late, but the Prime Minister of Mongolia was leaving town and the bus was caught behind his motorcade." "Uh huh. That's nice. We'll clean out your desk for you, don't worry about a thing..."

The motorcade included 2 stretch limos, 5 random "support" vehicles, and about 30 cops mostly on motorcycles.

Truly, a Mongolian Clusterfuck.

ATL: no work

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