chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Freedom from voice menu trees

Just called Qwest, to change my billing address.

The answering machine bade me enter the area code and phone number. I'm using a dial phone, so I don't do that. Then it asks me again, in a Very Firm Tone. I ignore this just as firmly. 5 seconds later, I'm told to stand by while my call is connected. 60 seconds of hold music later, I have a human.

Of course, the human has to sell me DSL (sorry, getting that free from a former employer), and then wireless service (sorry, I'm a ham operator).

While it's true that I'm a ham operator, it's not strictly a replacement for a cell phone. I just said that to be annoying. I have a pager. You wanna talk to me, you can let me know, then wait until I'm ready...

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