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Bus report

Coach 975. No matter how many people I saw running for the bus today, I was never early. Get it together, you people!

I tendered my resignation as a part-time transit operator, effective November 30, 2001.

But why, Chris?

Because I've accepted a position as a full-time transit operator trainee. I can hardly be two places at once, can I? The full-time training class starts on December 3, and lasts 3 weeks. The training wage is only $10.37/hr, but 8 hours of $10.37 beats 3.5 hours of $14.51 any day of the week. (I go back to $14.51 after training is done, and go up to the next wage step a few months after [March, I think, to $16.58. Will likely be more once we have a labor contract again])

More details as they become available, regarding shifts, days off, yadda, yadda, yadda.

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