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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Bus report

coach 964

ATL: no work.

I have Thanksgiving off, but must work Friday. (And I'm going full-time just in time to get to work Christmas, prolly)


You're asking this of the guy who's favorite holiday greeting is "Same to you, pal!"

Heh -- but I could see them putting that bus on your route since your the FNG.

well, if it wasn't too much work for them, yeah I could see that. it's too easy for them to assign coaches at random.

not that that's any help. when Experrience Music Project opened, Paul Allen bought full-body advertising on a couple of articulated coaches, and I got stuck with one of those a couple of times. I called it "The Purple Puker" due to it's "purple haze" background color.

Most drivers dislike coaches like that...it makes it too easy for onlookers to identify if something happens. ("Did you see what that stupid purple EMP bus did to my lawn??!?", etc.) I disliked it because it was so damned ugly...