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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
bus report

coach 933

ATL: unassigned/OS

Note on the bulletin board saying the comfort station at Lk Wash/Madrona Dr was unavailable. SFD had to force the door to get a transient out of there because some dope left the door open after relieving himself.


I heard a rumor once that a few bus drivers had gotten together and rented a room at the end of one of the routes for a place that they could all bop into for bathroom break/etc. I *think* it was near Madrona, but I could be smoking crack.

Urban Legend? True?

I want to believe it's true, but I suppose that would be fairly expensive in that part of town.

I was so informed by another driver who says she has seen this place. It's true that that's an expensive area, and there aren't that many apartments near that terminal.

I have not been entered into this mystery, but then, i'm still an FNG

Do bus drivers have any bizarre hazing rituals for the FNG?

I mean, besides making them drive the 3/4 route?

FNGs are generally just ignored by the olpharts. Lack of seniority is enough hazing for anyone...
There's a mellow sort of team feeling. If you need help or advice, it's there, and if you don't, have a nice time out there