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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
bus report

coach 946

When the sign says "Pay as you leave" and the driver has his hand over the fare box and is telling you "Wait until you get off" not once, nor twice, but four times, why would you keep trying to shove your dollar bill in under his fingers to the slot. I appreciate your honesty, but please, either learn to read or learn to listen. Preferably both.

Today is my last day as a part time driver. Full time training class starts Monday. Beyond Monday, I know nothing as yet.


They don't have the "pay as you leave" or ridefree zones down here. Muni-riding is depressingly easy. Perhaps we have a lower LCD down here? Heh.

Which reminds me -- I did my first full-blown Muni ride a few days ago. I've been doing a lot of public transit, but it's been all trolley and BART. [Still haven't ridden Caltrain yet, but I'm looking for a good excuse.]