chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

43/11A coach 927

This is a 10-hour piece, but I only had to do 5 hours of it. I did one round trip to the U District and back, then got relieved to pick work for next shake-up, then relieved my reliever in the U district, and did 1-1/2 round trips to finish up.

The pick was pretty grim. Being 16th from the bottom of the seniority list has its drawbacks. Got four combos a week (ugh.) (btw, "Combo" is just a polite term for "split shift". I'd probably end up with 5 combos, but the labor contract prohibits combos on Sundays.)

Specifically: (Starting with Saturday, as that's the pay period schedule)

Saturday: Combo 11 (AM: 1/4 VT does 1 and 36; PM: 3/4VT does 3)
Sunday: 7/13 does 7
Monday: Combo 7 (AM: 2/7VT does 2 and 13; PM: 2/8VT does 2 and 13)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Combo 22 (AM: 10/11VT does 10 and 12; PM: 10/5VT does 10 and 12)
Friday: Combo 22 again (ditto)

There's a new contract tentatively accepted that will reduce the number of combos. Fat lot of good that does me now, though. Gonna be a long 4 months. This schedule starts Feb 2.

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