chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

Combo 17:
AM: 10/9VT coach 900
PM: 10/5VT coach 995

Coach 900 has kind of mushy poles. Lost them at the dead spot at Marion/3 and once at the corner of 15/E Madison. Too fast on the first one, dunno about the second one.

PM run was from Hell. Got the bus 8 minutes late; my predecessor had a difficult wheelchair. Got to 2/Pike where there were 2 #43's laying over, the second one wasn't on the siding wire, so I couldn't pass. Honked, and they moved. Got to 4/Pike, and unloaded the wheelchair I inherited. 4/Pike is an awful bus stop, as it oozes people very slowly. Had to deal with lots of last minute passengers. (I hate that. Don't run for my bus if you want me to like you.)

Construction at 15 E/E John.

Got to terminal behind my nominal follower who apparently just got there from the base. Went to have him pull his poles for me. He had never seen me before, and thought I was new, so he then proceeded to regale me with those tidbits of wisdom that he thinks everyone should know. (Thanks, but I'm already 5 min past recovery, so move your ass, dammit)

Construction again. Then lots of traffic on Pine St (Someone is gonna have to do something about Pine St.)

Got a call from the coordinator. District Supervisor wants to know why I'm so late. (Grr.)

Got out to 19/Galer (12 terminal) just in time to turn around and be one time for once. Finally back in the groove.

Lost poles at 15/Pine (dunno why. Prolly just pent up stress)

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