chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

How pathetic

I guess this is where the rubber met the road and the road won. Or something. Why haven't I been posting? I think you need to have at least a little life to post something. Now check this out:

Thursdays I leave home at 6:30 and get back around 7:45
Fridays ditto
Saturdays I leave at 5:45, am home for about an hour around lunchtime (for food and nap) and get done around 7:15
Sundays I leave at 10:30 and get back around 7:45
Mondays I leave at 5:00 and get back around 6:45

Then I sleep and pay attention to my sweety. Even my IRCing is down. New shakeup starts in June, maybe that will be a little better...

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