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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Bus Prereport

Today, Seattle's civic dance card includes:

A Major League Baseball game (1:05 pm)
A 8 km run downtown (6:20 pm)
A major parade downtown (7:30 pm)

This afternoon, I drive the Route 3 from 1:38 pm to 6:30 pm.


  1. Change from long pants to shorts
  2. Charge batteries in one ham transceiver and one slightly illegal business band radio programmed with Metro frequencies (so I can call for help even if the bus catches fire)
  3. Nuke and eat a frozen burrito (and wish for sour cream)
  4. Nap, 30 minutes

Basically, if you're given a choice between going downtown today and being shot in the head, ask to be shot. It'll be over with much more quickly. If you do go downtown, do not, repeat, DO NOT, bitch about the bus service. You did it to yourself.

That is all.


It's like the diff between pot and H, right? Pot is slightly illegal, but H is hardcore illegal.

In this case, the radio is illegal only if I use it to talk to someone. Unless it's a real emergency, like the bus is on fire and the real radio is molten to slag. Then it's not illegal.

get it? you just don't inhale! (lol)