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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Bus Report

10/3 coach 959

For a while, several signals were out on East Madison St. In Seattle, famous for it's polite citizenry, this does not mean that everyone does a 4-way stop. Those of us who were brought up roght and stopped at the malfunctioning signals were getting honked at. Very sad.

Later I found out what caused the power outage. A painter fell from a 40-foot Genie-lift and hit a 26000-volt power line with his head. Broke the wire, putting 3800 homes out of power. Got killed on the way down. Very very sad.

Hey, Seattle? Can we make a four-way stop for a dead guy today?


lol, that reminds me of how i had this really flaky art teacher my freshman year of H.S. that had never missed a day of school in her life, and now was a teacher and still hadn't missed a day. She missed one when her subway ran over a suicidal man. It was early June, it was hot, they had to turn off the traincar's power to clear the remains out of the way, and when she came back to class the next day and we asked if she was okay, she said "some asshole decided to jump in front of our train and then they turned the power off for 2 1/2 hours in the train. TWO AND A HALF HOURS in the steamy sweaty underground dark mess of my subway car. I mean, seriously, they should make a big spatula and just scrape him off the tracks and get my train moving!! i couldn't believe it!" talk about self-involved. the poor guy was dead, suicidal, took his own life. She is complaining because it took too long to get his body parts off of the tracks. What left me in even more awe? The idea that half of my class was agreeing with her.

if you ever get sick of Seattle's folks, don't come to NYC, i think we are a few thousand miles closer to hell.


I heard that when Hell finally got phones, they invented a new area code. 718.

jeepers flippin' creepers!
my ups bleeped at me a few times around midday, and when i talked to my sister, she mentioned a friend had lost power on cap hill due to a line being down, but didn't know what had happened. that is uncool in several dimensions.