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Bus report

3/11A coach 4143

3 wheel chairs
2 missed switches
1 set of awful screaming brakes.

One expects wheel chairs on the 3 and 4, of course
One expects the overhead switches to Do What They Are Told, switching when required and not switching ontherwise.
(switch failed n/b Rainier Ave S turning right to 23 Ave S. Switch activated without stimulus s/b 3 Ave to w/b Union St. I swear (er, that is I solemnly affirm...) that it completely undermines my confidence as a transit operator when the wquipment doesn't do what it's told.
One expects that since they understand the brake problem that the newest coaches in service will have normal sounding brakes. I'm surprised I didn't shatter any plate glass.

In other news. Brown tried to deliver unto me a package. Naturally, I was not home. So I get a "signature required" sticker. They do not check the "Sign to have packages delivered" box where I can sign the slip and have them deliver anyway. Noooooo. I have to be here. Yes, I have tomorrow off, but gimme some options here. I don't necessarily want to hang around the house from 10:30 to 2:00. Why only now do you do this to me?

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