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Bus report

3/12 VT Coach 4127

At one point I had so many people on my bus that I announced "Welcome to the Vienna Sausage Express". I love having a captive audience.

2/8 VT Coach 1003

We be reroutin' today. An injury accident closed 1 Ave N just north of Denny Way. Those of us doing routes 1, 2 or 13 were diverted to the 3/4 wire up to Queen Anne and Boston, and from there we went to our respective terminals.

I explained this to the people on the bus. A few got off, but most were OK with the reroute. There was one lady who didn't get out much, though, and whose first language wasn't english. Three or four other passengers tried to explain the problem, to no avail, but one was going to the same ultimate destination and took her underwing. She vocally worried until we got to QA and Galer St at which point she shouts "That's the Washington Mutual, I know now, I go *that* way!!"

Going back to base, my leader threw his poles at 5/Jackson, probably when the base route switch didn't switch. One of his ropes was tangled around a pole hook, and there he was stuck. A supervisor pulled out a hotstick, and with coaching from about 3 other stuck drivers, got the rope untangled. (Note to nonSeattleites: All Trolleys Go Through 5th and Jackson twice a day, at least. That's where the only base wire goes.)

Oh well, it's overtime.

Alert readers will note the older coach this afternoon. I'm really really gonna be stiff tomorrow. There's a rumor that they're gonna keep 6 in service. A stupider idea is hard to find. If we all have to drive that coach once a month, there are going to be a lot of work injuries. They're so much harder than the new busses, and we're all getting a little out of shape, alas.

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