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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]

1. my replacement ATM card is still not here. It's been 3 weeks.

2. listen closely people. There are places to work. There are places to live. And there are other places. Don't bring your work meetings into my local coffee house, make all that noise and take up space. It's annoying. And I'm listening to everything you say.


last time i ordered a replacement card i waited a week, finally called and it turned out it was never ordered in the first place, so i had another week wait. might wanna call and check up on it if you havn't already.

so, how long is the entire application/training process for metro? that $15 an hour is starting to look pretty inviting...

I called last week and a guy there told me it was ordered. I went in today and a nice lady told me it wasn't. Someone told me a vile, contemptible lie!!

Lessee. There's the video test and interview. then they hem and haw a few days and then call to tell you whether you're hired. Then you get a packet that tells you what to do next.

Physical and peepee test
take the written tests for the CDL

then there's the three-week training period which includes the driving test for the CDL

so, about 4-6 weeks, depending on your timing

how do the part time schedules work? i'm hoping to keep at least one weekday free to spend with my daughter, two would be nice; would i be able to pull like, 3 10's, or are the schedules not that flexable? are there odd/weekend shifts you can pick up at random to pad your check out if need be?

As a part timer, you'll work mon-fri, either mornings or afternoons. You'll be guaranteed 2 hrs 30 mins per day, and you'll do the same tripper each day. You'll pick that work, but until you get a minimal amount of seniority, you might not be able to pick what you want. (I like morning work, for instance, but I wasn't able to pick that my first pick. I had afternoon work out of East Base. There are quite a few new operators who quit because they just can't pick something that fits into their life and refuse to adapt or just cope for 4 months until the next pick.)

When I was tapped to go full time, I was doing a tripper called 2/4. I reported at 5:06 am and was due back at the base at 8:36 am. Had the whole day in front of me after work (had to go to bed pretty early, tho)

There are a couple of ways of making extra dough. One is called the ATL (Additional Tripper List). You can choose to be on the ATL 1-5 days a week. On the days you pick, if there is a tripper unassigned (because the other driver wanted the day off or something) and you're qualified on the routes it covers, there's a chance you'll be assigned it. You find out the day before. You can also sign up for vacation reliefs, covering for drivers taking a week off. You'll then work their work as well as your own, so you'll have a bit in the morning and a bit in the afternoon.

(A "tripper" is a short piece of work, less than 7 hours (and almost always less than 4-1/2). It might be a standalone thing, to ramp up service during peak hours, or it might be used to stretch an 8-hour run to 13 hours, or bridge between two 8-hr runs to keep a bus out for 20-21 hrs.)

do they do random drug testing that you know of?