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So I was in this coffee shop in West Seattle. Woman orders a soy latte, then walks over to a table to set her stuff down. The barista makes the coffee and calls out to let her know it's done. Before she takes off the lid she says "Oh, can I have more soy and less foam?" The barista had already dumped the pitcher, alas, and was a little befuddled as to how to proceed. (My theory is that the lady realized at the last minute that she wasn't in her "home" coffee shop and that *this* barista doesn't know how she wants her coffee.)

At this time, a guy who was in line behind me asks "Aren't you going to give her her soy?" This flusters the barista further, but he explains the situation again, patiently. The guy behind me says he'll take his business elsewhere and leaves. The barista is floored, the lady tells the guy not to go on her account.

The barista then pulls himself together and offers the lady some cold soy to go in. She's fine with that. The other guy has left, though.

I order a mocha and overtip.

If I were a nice person, I'd hope that the guy who left doesn't run out of places to go. I'm not that nice though, so he can fuck himself.

Then I went to Easy Street records for some retail therapy.

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