chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

2/5vt coach 3313
2/1vt coach 3227

Diesels were issued today due to the realtime obstacle course that a half dozen contractors created digging holes in various streets. I had to veer around holes at 3/Pike, 3/Lenora, 3/Bell, 1/Denny and 5/Spring.

In the afternoon, my predecessor was late, so I was about 12 minutes late to SPU. Unfortunately, my break there is only 10 min. I got caught up by the time I got to the lake, with 4 minutes to spare. Despite that heavily-loaded trip, I was empty when I got relieved at 6:05. Not merely unusual, but entirely bizarre. Probably due to the Apple Cup footbal game.

Sara and I went to the local pub for dinner where the football games was still in progress. Sat through the 3 overtimes. Huskies won. Game was refereed by Mr. Gordon Riese, who was my geometry teacher in High School. 23 years ago *cough*

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