chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus Report

3/5 coach 4149

morning was quiet, and beautifully foggy:

Lights above,
Trolley wires beneath;
Shadows slicing along streets.

After the sun came up and the fog burned off, though, we had some bad cases of mental radiation poisoning. Drivers included. Was making a trip up First Hill, was packed to the gills, as usual. My follower caught up to me at 3/James and tailgated me up the hill (this is a no-no. One coach per block between 3rd and 9th, please!). He was still on my ass at 21/James, and he was so close that he interfered with my switching to the 21st Ave wire. So, I lose my poles, making the turn. He wants to pass, so he proceeds around me. He's going slowly, but not slowly enough, and he loses his poles, too. So, I rewire myself and squeeeeeeze past him (I was sure someone was gonna lose a mirror), go to my terminal at 21/James, pull my poles to let him by, and away we go.

There was a lady banging on the windows trying to get a friend's attention. I told her to stop and she went into this diatribe about how she's not a teenager, she's a grown woman. I (this is a mistake) told her to act like a grown up and call her friend on the cell phone. She went off a little more, and my last words to her were "I think this is your stop." Fortunately, she agreed.

Next trip up the hill, we had some fine police drama. Apparently a perpetrator was being transported to the Jail by one of Shoreline's finest. Said perp got out of control somehow, and Shoreline called "officer needs help". He and a person in plain clothes (who may or may not have been a police officer) was trying to subdue the perp in the intersection, so I stop and hit the parking brake. Most of this happens behind a car, but i see them pulling off the perp's shoes and zipstripping his ankles together. While we were enjoying this struggle, 5 Seattle cop cars come roaring in looking for the donuts. The perp was black, so we all got some good color commentary from the passengers. Eventually, the perp was hopped back into Shoreline's car (remember, his ankles were tied) and away everyone went.

After that, it was a normal level of craziness. I'm nice and exhausted.

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