chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

3/1A coach ... uh ... 4129? I forgot to look. That happens when I do a road relief. Mostly I'm looking for that "01" in the front window. Anyway...

--Had a note to see my chief. He had a nastygram from the customer assistance office for me. Something about being snippy to a woman trying to get on at Harborview with a large cart and could she have the lift.

I'm absolutely certain that there are people abusing the hospitality of the county regarding the wheelchair lift. However, I'm not one to say anything, at least not until I got back to the base. Wasn't me, Mac!

Checked closely the time of day. Nope, not me; it was my relief that day.

--While taking a break in the vicinity of 2/Virginia, I saw this woman pushing a baby stroller containing her worldly possessions, including a card-and-tape box, about 15 inches, in the shape of a dodecahedron. Wonder what she kept in it.

--This afternoon, Garfield HS was in lockdown due to reported gunshots nearby. I had no students on the 2:24 trip into town. Usually, I get 20-30.

--Something going on...lots of traffic late in evening.

--Note on the bulletin board: There will be no trolleys run on November 30, due to possibility of disruption from expected protest action (3 year anniversary of the "Battle of Seattle"). I've signed up for that day off. Not sure which is worse, protesters or xmas shoppers...

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