chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

3/12vt coach 4147

Had quite a crowd to go up the hill at 3/James. (Quelle surprise...) A lady got on with a large cart, and I encouraged her to move the cart back from the door. She's agreeable, but is having trouble. A man (white, well-dressed) comes on behind her with two large bags. He bonks the lady's cart and yells "Move!" I tell him a few pleases would go a long way. I'm ignored (probably just as well...) He gets off at 8/James and shows me his pass. King County ID.

NOTA BENE TO KING COUNTY EMPLOYEES: Don't be thinking that that ID card gets makes you special on my bus. You get that because the county has to comply with its own commute trip reduction rules. Get on, take a seat and thanks for riding. And remember that smelly fucker next to you is paying your way (even if it's the tax on that jar of T-bird).

Later, at 23/Rainier a passenger comes up needing some direction. She says excuse me, and must have missed my "mmm-hmm" cause then she poked me. I didn't hit her. Anyway, I take this piece of paper she hands me and start cogitating on her particular problem when I lose my poles. Because I forgot to turn at Plum St. Sigh. I call for cavalry and get me pushed back. Management takes a "we wish this wouldn't happen but it does oh well" attitude to such things.

(Aside: apparently a real factory-made off the shelf trolley has a 10-mile reserve capacity. Can you imagine? No deadspots to worry about! You can do a reroute if you have to. Or get out of the intersection if you lose poles. Our trolleys don't do that. But then again, they cost $200,000 less than the off-the-shelf models. Given that, they better not get snippy when I miss a turn once in a while...)

And I broke a nail!

On my split I churned out about 750 words on a story idea (the one I didn't have ready last halloween; you have that long to wait, too!)

2/8vt coach 4143

Let's see if I can recinstruct from these hastily-scribbled notes. Didn't have a lot of time to reflect this afternoon.

Oh yeah. My predecessor was 6 minutes late to the relief point. Not his fault; he got hung up in some wicked Safeway traffic. Anyway, he shows up with a bus backed to the rafters. I had to look at the number in front to see that it was a 2 and not a 3.

I get a "hot body" light at 22/Union. I reboot the bus. (The hot body light is there to tell you the outside of the bus is electrified. Generally you should really only see this if a wire is lying on your coach, but it comes on occasionally at random.

at 23/Union a construction crew is playing 3-card monty with those steel plates they use to cover their messes when no one is looking. We wait a while. Eventually, I win through to the lake. And left there on the return trip 8 minutes late. The trip to 7/Raye is slow, but uneventful. My follower catches up and I blank my signs. I actually make it in time to leave on time, but I have to pee. Nature first, Metro second. I'm only about 3 minutes late out of there.

I get the hot body light again at 22/Union. Is it me, or is something whacked with the power there?

It must be me, I get the hot body again going down the hill to the lake. Luckily no one was aboard then because the traction quits and my dynamic braking with it. I surge ahead at about .4 g until I can slow down with just the air brakes. Scary. I put the bus in neutral and hit the current bleeder switch for 60 seconds. Bus happy again.

I'm doing all right heading back, but get a wheelchair. This guy had never done the bus thing before, and seemed a little frailer than the usual. We get him on, though. His chair says "5-East" on the back. He goes from 14th to Broadway. I'm 6 minutes late downtown. I change signs to #13, and see my follower behind me. He'll be doing the #2 up Queen Anne.

A guy who may or may not have wanted my bus at 3/Union (and whom I passed up since I was late, had serviced the zone and was already moving when he came up) got on my bus at 1/Denny. Apparently he had take my follower #2 and transfered back to me when the latter caught me up. Whatever, I guess he really wanted the #13. He gets off at Lee St. And again the bus he just got off is right behind us. He shoves his transfer in my face and gets off. Maybe he had some sort of point to prove. The only message I got out of it is he's a jerk, and not really a very good one. Score one for jerks!

Got the hot body light again pulling into the #13 terminal at 3/Bertona. Kicked off a guy wondering when we were going to get to Fremont.

Actually had a quiet trip back to the base from there. Got back only 4 minutes late. I wrote up the bus and put in for the time. Gave out over 100 transfers today, first time ever. 70-80 seems a normal day for me.

There was a parking enforcement officer directing traffic. I wished her Happy Halloween. She got "Happy Thanksgiving" all the way out of her mouth before she parsed me. Heh.

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