chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

3/5 coach 4154

First 4 hours was fine. That's when i take the worker bees to work. After that, I carry the patients to the hospital. Also, it's the first weekday of the month, and we have the monthly procession to the DSHS offices.

So, the 9:27 trip, I have an overload. My follower catches up with me, but of course people always want the first bus. Just shooting themselves in the foot in the long run. Anyway, I'm doing the short run #3, only going to 21st Ave. I get there and I'm left with a 1/2 dozen asian people who don't have "Last stop" in their English vocabulary. I shoo them off with a pantomime sweeping gesture. *Finally* they get it which is good, because my follower is still back there waiting for me to get hell out of his way. I immediately head back into town, 3 minutes behind. And here I was looking forward to that extremely lovely 10 minute break downtown. 10 - 3 = 7.

Inbound, at Harborview, I'm loading the obligatory 25-30 people and wheelchair rider when I hear a THUNK. I figure someone has closed a window, and I attend to the wheelchair passenger. Then I see this yellow VW Bug pull around, put on it's 4-ways and park. "Now what?" think I. Lady gets out and says "Shall we go take a look?" She had hit me trying to pull around while I was loading passengers. Which explains the THUNK. She's like "Oh, I was in such a hurry again. I keep seeming to do this." Looking at the front of the bug, it'as apparent that depth perception is not her strong suit.

Damage to the bus is trivial. Mostly some paint goes from bug to bus. She want's to blow it off but, alas, that's not how things are done in King County. We exchange information. She asks what's going to happen. I shrug. (Well, I've never hit a bus, so I don't know what happens to those folks. I'm certain it's different than what happens to me when I hit them...) I get the idea that she pulls this stunt fairly often, and that everyone else has shrugged her off.

Note to motorists. There is no room to pass the bus on Jefferson St. If you pull into the other lane of traffic, you're just as likely to be hit by a bus coming the other way. Use James St, folks. It's 4 lanes wide and has greatly fewer buses.

I get to 3/Virginia 9 minutes late. 10 - 9 = 1. 1 minute is how long I have to go pee. I take 4. 10 - 13 = -3. I'm three minutes down again leaving downtown. I get caught up at my next terminal with three whole minutes to spare.

Lots of people, many with babies. I get basically no breaks from 9:05 to 12:17. Then I get about 10 minutes to reflect, and it's balls to the wall again until 2:00. Which is 7 minutes late to the relief point. I give my relief my sandwich. I didn't have time to eat.

Back to the base. Filled out the accident report (A legal-size form with about 400 little boxes to check off and one essay question.) Then I went to Jack-in-the-box. I was ravenous.

Next-door neighbor's truc was broken into during the day. He's out of town. I cover the broken window with a trach bag and sweep up the glass. This will keep the rain out (if the weather ever gets smart enough to rain for once) and passersby will see that someone cares. If I leave the little pile of glass around, it's an invitation to more bad behavior.

When scientists refer to our species as "the human animal", they aren't joking.

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