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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Bus report

3/5 coach 4123

When I was inspecting the coach, I saw the following words written on a "rider alert" poster:

Please say no to JAYWALKING. Cause Santa won't visit you if you are road kill.

A customer complimented me on a smooth ride up James St. This is hard, and I've been working on it for over a year and a half.

I stopped in for coffee at the Tully's on Queen Anne/Boston. KCPQ channel 13 was doing some remote spot, and I had to walk in front of a live camera to get to the bathroom. The talking head was going on about the new snowpack at the ski areas.

After I've pulled out of the zone at Rainier/Walker and while waiting at the light a block away, this woman runs up and starts banging on the door glass with her umbrella. I open the door in hopes of stopping this activity. She wants on the bus, of course, but we have to wait for her mother. Mom is about a block back losing to a snail with too much dignity to take the bus. I tell the lady to take the next one as my light had just turned green. She's pissed, but I feel a sence of general approval from the other passengers.

One wheelchir passenger was very cool. Another, with her daughter, was very annoying. They only went a couple of stops and I had to listen to them snipe at each other the whole way. And the whole way back, as I pick them up again about three hours later.

General business until the 11:12 trip in from Madrona. After that I can take 30-45 seconds to think after the end of each trip. I manage to eat a sandwich.

I was cut off by a blue sports car, Washington plate 491-PFS. He wanted into the loading zone right in front of me, but he was in the left lane. I didn't hit him. I did see he was on the phone. (If you are the driver of this car, now is the time to start believing in God. And getting a life. If you are this car's insurance company, now is the time to raise the rates...he's gonna die.)

My last trip up to 1 W/W Raye, there was one guy left on the bus. I told him we were at the last stop. He asks when we were going to start going up Aurora. "Ain't you the 358? Oh, maybe you're the 348. 338?? What bus *is* this?" "Number 3" "3 what?" "Just 3." "Aw...*mannn*..."

Weather: rain, then sun, then high winds, then grey.


oooh, sounds like a very long monday.

I was on a subway today going two stops, and got stuck on the first one. the doors wouldn't close at 28th street, and they said there was a light ahead, then the conductor changed his story and said there was a train ahead who's doors wouldn't close, then the conductor came out of his "office" and into my train-car, and his walkie talkie said "there's a bomb threat at city hall, due to this, they evacuated all of city hall's stations, and there is nobody to run the track switches and lights until they clear the bomb threat." really loudly. lol. everybody in the train car just looked at him like "are you kidding me??!?!?" The guy must have been new. because then he got back into his "office" and stated over the PA system "due to a police investigation, city hall has been evacuated, leaving nobody to control the lights or track switches, we may be here a while." lol!! what he is SUPPOSED to say is "there's a police investigation ahead of us, we should be moving shortly" every 5 mins. =P

the bestest part? the bomb threat wasn't mentioned on the news at all. there have been quite a few bomb threats recently, and none of them have made the tv news or newspapers since 2 months after 9/11. kinda frightening. just thought i'd share my public transportation experience today. oh, btw, I got out of the subway and walked to my destination. =P


yayy, bomb threats!

Actually, I'm surprised they put that over the radio at all. When something like that happens here, all I ever get told is that a street is closed for police activity, and where I should go to get around it. Maybe I'll find out later what happened. Usually, I have to read about it in the newspaper. Operationally speaking, the conductor didn't need to know why the station was closed or the switches unmanned anymore than you did.

The only exception so far has been the 9/11 attacks. I was told what that was about. But I didn't need to tell the passengers. They already knew.

(I was driving the #3 inbound from Madrona, about to make the left turn from E Cherry St to 23 Ave when I got that call.)

My theory was that they made this announcement in response to several queries from other operators. It's kind of depressing when a passenger gets on, obviously upset, and asks, "Have you heard?" When you've been at work since 5 am, you don't hear much.

Which is lame, I'd rather know what's going on. OTOH, I do kinda have to concentrate on driving.

(And there are no switchmen in my system...I have to do all the switching myself!)