chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Non-bus report

I received a "Rigrunner" which is a 12-volt power distribution strip based on the Anderson "power pole" plug.

"Huh?" you ask.

Most amateur radio gear runs on 12 volts. You get the radio, and you get a wire with a plug on one end that goes into the radio and two bare wires on the other end that go to a power supply. (Imagine buying a clock with a cord ending in two bare wires. What do you do? You put a plug on the end!) So, imagine a power strip like you might have for your computer, only instead of the regular sockets, you have little black and red pairs of weird square sockets. Then you take spare square thingies and put them on the ends of your bare wires. Voila! You have something you can just plug in.

Now imagine that every plug on the power strip has it's own fuse, and that when a fuse blows a little light lights up telling you which one to change. That's a "rigrunner". So, I'm tearing apart the station and rewiring all the power. The result should be safer and prettier than wrapping wires around posts and hoping nothing shorts out. Again. (*cough*)

Sara wanted the car tonight, so I drove it downtown and gave it to her. Then I went to Lava Lounge, and saw some current and former Speakeasy People and other Belltown Denizens, including anastasia7, nikoel, Louie and Mary from Black Dog Forge and Tom and Patt from up the street. Also some Speakeasy folks whom I never met before, including Dan who was able to quote me as saying that the nice thing about working at Metro was that no one calls you in the middle of the night to reboot the bus. (Not exactly what I said, but highly recognizable, especially coming from someone I don't know.)

Louie was spinning country music, the good stuff. A nice change from pop pap.

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