chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

Yeah, I know, i've skipped a few days. Maybe i'll put up a highlight tape. I think the only interesting thing that's happened was this one guy who got on at 3/James and got off at Harborview. He got in my face and asked "Why the fuck do you pack these buses so tight?" I just laughed at him. He called me an asshole and got off.

My question for him would be: "How did you know I was an asshole?"

I took today off, because I was to pick next shake-up's work today, and wanted the opportunity to cry into a beer after.

Here's what I picked (Goes into effect February 1; the Metro workweek starts on Saturday):

Saturday: Combo 8, consisting of
AM: 2/7vt; 5:55 am - 10:15 am; does route 2, two round trips
PM: 2/3vt; 1:44 pm - 5:45 pm; does route 2, two round trips
Sunday: 2/1a; 11:51 am - 6:34 pm; does route 2, three round trips
Monday: 1/3a; 10:34 am - 6:59 pm; does routes 1 and 36, three round trips
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Combo 3, consisting of
AM: 2/7vt; 5:50 am - 11:00 am; does routes 2 and 13, about 2-1/4 round trips
PM: 2/6vt; 2:15 pm - 5:57 pm; does routes 2 and 13, about 1-1/2 round trips
Friday: 2/10a; 9:52 am - 6:26 pm; does routes 2 and 13, about 3-1/2 round trips

My thursday work gets off soon enough to attend repeater board meetings once a month, which is good (I'm a board member, after all), although it's likely I'll be a little late depending on traffic. No piece of work is all that early, or goes all that late, although I could stand some improvement there. The combos are separated. Sunday is short and I can have coffee with my sweety in the morning before I go in. I'm off the routes 3/4 which I've been doing too much of lately.

Vacation pick: I am scheduled to take two weeks off in november. yay. maybe i'll go to new zealand. These were the only two weeks available to take. This will put a crimp in any plans to attend my wife's family reunion, although it's likely I'll be able to scrounge sufficient days off to attend most of that.

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