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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Bus report

Yeah, I know, i've skipped a few days. Maybe i'll put up a highlight tape. I think the only interesting thing that's happened was this one guy who got on at 3/James and got off at Harborview. He got in my face and asked "Why the fuck do you pack these buses so tight?" I just laughed at him. He called me an asshole and got off.

My question for him would be: "How did you know I was an asshole?"

I took today off, because I was to pick next shake-up's work today, and wanted the opportunity to cry into a beer after.

Here's what I picked (Goes into effect February 1; the Metro workweek starts on Saturday):

Saturday: Combo 8, consisting of
AM: 2/7vt; 5:55 am - 10:15 am; does route 2, two round trips
PM: 2/3vt; 1:44 pm - 5:45 pm; does route 2, two round trips
Sunday: 2/1a; 11:51 am - 6:34 pm; does route 2, three round trips
Monday: 1/3a; 10:34 am - 6:59 pm; does routes 1 and 36, three round trips
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Combo 3, consisting of
AM: 2/7vt; 5:50 am - 11:00 am; does routes 2 and 13, about 2-1/4 round trips
PM: 2/6vt; 2:15 pm - 5:57 pm; does routes 2 and 13, about 1-1/2 round trips
Friday: 2/10a; 9:52 am - 6:26 pm; does routes 2 and 13, about 3-1/2 round trips

My thursday work gets off soon enough to attend repeater board meetings once a month, which is good (I'm a board member, after all), although it's likely I'll be a little late depending on traffic. No piece of work is all that early, or goes all that late, although I could stand some improvement there. The combos are separated. Sunday is short and I can have coffee with my sweety in the morning before I go in. I'm off the routes 3/4 which I've been doing too much of lately.

Vacation pick: I am scheduled to take two weeks off in november. yay. maybe i'll go to new zealand. These were the only two weeks available to take. This will put a crimp in any plans to attend my wife's family reunion, although it's likely I'll be able to scrounge sufficient days off to attend most of that.


Isn't that family reunion the reason you were in PT last time I saw you?

Indeed, and will be again at Ft Worden


thanks chris for the code.

I have the journal set up, it is under my nickname buschic.

I am really excited of the prospect of filling it with my thoughts..