chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

3/5 coach 3582

Diesels assigned due to construction on 3 Ave.

First trip down to 25/Walker, there's a bus parked there. Normally on Sunday, you don't see buses doubled up at the terminal there, so something is wrong. It's my leader, and his starter won't engage the engine, it just emits a high-pitched whirrr. Suddenly a supervisor pulls up behind me. He tries to start the broken coach (coach 3333, if you're coachspotting). He then makes a command decision and gives that operator my coach as he's late and I'm not due out for 20 minutes. I hop into the supervisor's van and we speed back to the base where I'm issued a new bus. I deadhead from the base to 23/Jackson and pick up my schedule there. New coach 3551.

The rest of the day passes without incident, but it's not quite normal, either. It's superbowl sunday, ya know, and we all need to get in our car and go to the store for stuffers for the game. The Queen Anne Safeway is stuffed with cars second only to the day before Thanksgiving.

Loads aren't heavy, but they're all out of whack. So is traffic. I have a hard time adapting, and run 4-5 minutes late most of the day.

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