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Bus reports

It's a new shakeup! It's a new shakeup!

Does that mean i'm gonna get off my ass and do some bus reports? I sure hope so!

Biggest problem about new schedule: No more periodic visits from brrthday grrl sgtred.

Saturday, February 1:
Combo 8:
2/7vt coach 4145

First trip doing #2. My leader #13 broke down and made me late. (Note: That guy is doing the work I did last shakeup. That could have been my but. But it wasn't. Hah!) Radios are in voice-only mode today. (Normally, they're computer controlled, and they work real slick. Today (and all weekend) the computer is dead and they work mostly like radios.

6:56 am. Coordinator gets on the radio, says NASA loses contact with space shuttle.

7:15 am. Coordinator gets on the radio, says shuttle burned on re-entry.


Last time we lost a shuttle the program was cut for over 2 years while we had government probes and safety studies. I don't think the program ever really recovered.

Now again, we're gonna have a probe and some safety studies. And likely more funding cutswhen some congresscritter decides NASA isn't accountable.

IMHO, the manned space program represents the only route humanity has for long term survival. Every time we loas a shuttle sets back the date of guaranteed survival 50-100 years. Not because we lost a shuttle (we're gonna lose thousands) but because the gov't puts the brakes on the program. And on human development and evolution.

Verily advanceth THE_CLOCK one more minute to midnight.

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm against safety or accountability (whether or not I am, I certainly don't want to sound like it). Take reasonable precautions, expect reasonable accountability. Try to define those things.

And lets get as many humans into space as we can. Remember, people joined the French Foreign Legion to die. They'll join NASA to die, too. And those that live will be our future for milennia to come.

Anyway. This is a bus report. *cough*

Morning was busier than expected, in sort of a one-customer-per-stop way. Lots of customers and a few who seemed new to the bus. An espresso stand was successfully located on the first outbound trip.

2/3 vt coach ? (shuttle upset me so much I stopped taking notes again...)

Busy, busy, busy. But I finally figured it out. No football.

Sunday, February 2

2/1a coach, uh, uh, well, it was a diesel coach, to dodge construction with.

Still busy busy. I'm frothing when I get home. And this is only a 6-hour piece of work. (I still get paid 8, though).

Had to kick off a drunk Native American. I hate doing that. But you know what? I don't care if you're black, white, green, purple or mix plaids with stripes. You wanna be drunk and belligerent, do it off my bus.

Monday, February 3

1/3a coach 4176

This is the most normal-feeling day at work I've had in a loooong time. Probably because this is the least stressful schedule. After I take over the bus, I have several breaks throughout the day. 24, 27, 34, 18, 13 and 18 minutes over the next 8 hours. Trips are busy, but well-behaved. I'm usually on time, but with breaks like that, there's no stress. It was a good coach. The computers that control the radio system came back up.

Next two days I have off, my new weekend is Tuesday/Wednesday.

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