chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

Combo 8:

am: 2/7vt coach 4180

Sitting in the yard waiting for the coach in front of me to move. No one comes to get it. At my pullout time I call the control center, and hte coordinator informs me that that's my coach and I must have read the assignment sheet wrong. Whatever.

am: 2/7vt coach 4125 (take 2)

I get out of the yard 4 minutes late. Morning is quiet, although I had problems with two switches and the dynamic brakes cut in and out at random.

pm: 2/6vt coach 4108

My predecessor on this coach is six (6) minutes early to the relief point. And I get to explain to all the people on the bus why we're not going anywhere. Whatever. Finally 2:15 comes around and we go.

At 3/Pine, some yutz stops in the road on the far side of the intersection, mere inches past the end of the dead spot. The presence of a honking bus mere inches from his bumper leaves him unmoved, so to speak. Finally he moves and I manage, barely, to coast to the end of the dead spot and get power. Well, sort of. Now the bus is running for two seconds and not running for two seconds making me lurch worse than my first day driving a clutch. I reboot the bus at 3/Virginia. And at 3/Vine. And at 1/Denny where I tell the coordinator that we're not going anywhere. He arranges for another coach to show up. All my passengers bail out.

pm: 2/6vt coach 4139 (take 2)

I'm late enough that I'm not going up QA hill this trip. I use the secret #1 turnback wire at 2 Ave W/W Roy St and start inbound at Queen Anne/Mercer. Life is good, because i have very few people. And then I get to 3/Cedar where there's some sort of school group. 35 youths and 6 adults. (Fare: $25, the computation of that is left as an exercise.) Plus about 6 other people who just want to go home. Now I'm standing room only and haven't even gotten downtown yet to board happy workers going home. The class trip gets off at 3/Spring, and I get to the lake 5 minutes late. The rest of the evening is normal and I manage to get to the base before baseball traffic gets heavy.

71 transfers.

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