chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report (4/28/03)

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer April 29, 2003:

A man who witnesses described as driving at "an extremely high rate of speed" and honking his horn in Pioneer Square yesterday flipped his sport utility vehicle after running a red light and striking a Honda. Police said the accident took place at Yesler Way and Third Avenue.

The man, who was in his late 30s, died at the scene. The female driver of the Honda and her passenger, a man, were taken to Harborview Medical Center but were not believed to be seriously injured.

Witnesses told police the blue Ford Explorer struck the Honda, flew into the air, struck a pole, then flipped over. Police shut down the intersection for several hours after the accident, police spokeswoman Deanna Nollette said.

So it goes.

1/3A coach 4132

Lately, things have been very quiet on the bus routes. I'm giving out about 75% of the transfers I normally give out. I expect things to pick up around the first of the month, though. I think people have been staying home and nursing their economic wounds.

My last trip starts out at the #1 terminal, 10 Ave W/W Fulton St, proceeds to 5 Ave S/S Jackson St, then returns to base. Again, this trip was quiet and I was empty at 3/Union.

Just after passing through the intersection of 3 Ave S/Yesler Way, I observe a light blue SUV proceeding down the hill on Yesler at a hight rate of speed, honking its horn. I see this in my mirrors, mostly. Immediately after the SUV exited my field of view, I heard an enormous crash, and called the control center. The coordinator informed me that an aid response was en route, and I proceeded to base. The SUV was about 10 seconds behind schedule for T-boning a transit coach, and it's likely I'm the guy he was honking at.

Side note. This is the third accident that I heard but did not see this month, the other two happening on Rainier Ave near my home. Let's be careful out there, people.

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