chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,


I took an IQ test at, followed some silly link like i never do. They assigned me an IQ of 144 which is either them trying to flatter me or just consistant with tests i've taken in the past. You choose.

Then they tell me I'm a "visionary philosopher" based on the questions I got right. They're *definitely* trying to flatter me into something.

Then they want me to buy a "complete report" for $15. fuhgeddaboudit.

Then they show me four beautiful women who are "Matches" for me. This despite the fact I'm married. I mean, lookit the gazongas on that woman! They think I'm just gonna meet her for a game of Risk?

Currently, I'm trying to validate a suspicion that they're a front for Scientology. Doesn't feel right, but my Hunch-o-matic(tm) just triggered.

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