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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
bus report

3/4 coach 3154

3154 is one of the dreaded M-A-N Americana coaches that Metro got in the early eighties. They're completely different than what I normally drive, and were constructed back when "ergonomic" was a word on a French menu. One long-time bus rider saw what I was driving and said, "Well, aren't you blessed today?"

A quiet day.

I saw bastet75 trying to cross Queen Anne avenue mid block, but she couldn't get across because the damned bus was in her way. Spank, spank for jaywalking, but thanks for making my day, hon!


it's random.

the bis base i work out of is all trolleys. So, when something's going down that prevents us using trolleys on some route, we have to go begging to other bases for diesel coaches.

Now, my base, Atlantic, shares a lot and operations building with our sister diesel base, Central. Think of it as two virtual bases on one property. One would think it natural, then, that we'd borrow buses from Central Base (which has all new coaches). One would also think that we could scare up nine idle coaches on a Sunday.

For some reason, one would be wrong. I don't know what the deal is, whether Central is behind on maintenance or their hostler has a bad attitude or there's some management-level machination going on, but as often as not we have to go to Ryerson Base for extra coaches. (Ryerson is a completely separate base, but only two blocks away). Ryerson is the home of all the skanky old coaches.

So, i dunno. I know not to take these things personally, but I also know that these things aren't entirely random either.

All I ask, really, is that every time i have to drive a skankycoach, my management team give up their swivel chairs.