chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

3/1A coach 4188

The first of the month is always a little much. Today no exception. Outbound traffic was light, inbound traffic was like a baseball game day. But the seaon is over. I think people were responding to a recent report that Seattle's traffic rating has dropped from 2nd worst to 12th worst by getting in the car.

My leader went missing one trip. I had three wheelchair passnegers and a thick crowd. On another trip is was obvious that I left someone behind for all the screaming in the back. People, if I don't see you before I pull out it's highly unlikely you're getting on the bus. If you aren't standing in the zone watching me pull in, you're late. I'm very sorry, but sometimes there's little I can do for you.

However, this [ ] did not happen on my bus. It was someone else's highly overloaded bus. Three times the coordinator made announcements about it and three times someone interrupted me while I was trying to listen to it. Folks, I'm a bus driver, not a talking clock.

Recently I was talking to my sister-in-law, a child psychologist, and she mentioned that everyone seems to have "weather anxiety." This is something she's only seen in Seattle, and refers to the manic need to Do Something when the weather is nice for fear that it might not be nice again for months. We've had fairly mild-to-nice weather for over a year and a quarter now, and I feel the manicness building up. I think it's starting to affect me, so I'm diagnosing myself as having "second-hand weather anxiety" (i.e. all these manic people are making me uptight.) I don't feel as safe on the street at night, because All These People Are Running Around Out There.

It's October, dammit, why is it 73/Sunny?

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