chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

3/4 coach 3238
Diesel coach assigned due to utility work at 3/Cedar

There's this guy wanting a job and has taken out some ad boards on the backs of some buses. I'm driving one today. His desire ofr a job will be paraded on the routes 3 and 4. Through the "innerest" of what passes for "inner city" in Seattle. That will help, you betcha!

There's a sticker on the inside of this bus:

Title to this vehicle is held
by Orix Luna Corporation,
the lessor which has leased
this vehicle to King County.
And this bus is subject to a
security interest in favor of
the Tokai Bank, Limited,
Los Angeles agency, as agent.

Power went out in portions of South Seattle, including the Center Park Apartments at the south end 4 terminal. Center Park is city housing for disabled people and many are in wheelchairs. Only problem is, the elevators are not on the emergency generator. Don't know if anyone was trapped upstairs, but there were a lot of people in chairs in the lobby...

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