chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

fucking government

Timepieces reset for Pacific Daylight Time:

-- Chris's work watch
-- Car radio clock
-- Chris's pager
-- Chris's play watch
-- Thermostat
-- Weather Station
-- Sara's watch
-- Digital Camera
-- Living Room wall clock
-- Telephone answering machine
-- Microwave oven
-- Kitchen range
-- Kitchen wall clock
-- HP 49G+ calculator
-- Bathroom wall clock
-- Digital voice recorder
-- Dressing Room wall clock
-- Chris's bedside clock
-- Sara's bedside clock

Timepieces not set:

-- Day/Night clock (set to GMT)
-- Radio Room wall clock (set to GMT)
-- Realistic DX 400 radio clock (set to GMT)
-- VCR (don't give a shit, since it doesn't blink 12:00 constantly)
-- Submarine clock (maybe if I ever bothered to wind it)
-- Alinco DX-10 radio clock (should be set to GMT, but it keeps time worth shit and I don't care)
-- Six assorted computers (presumably will fend for themselves)

See you in October, kids!

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