chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

I know several of my lovely correspondents think the routes 3 and 4 are the greatest stretches of intellectual diversion in the Metro system. It's to you I dedicate todays post.

Yet another standing-room only trip on the #3. A couple of drunks heading down from the hospital. A pair of pants that are too large. Yes, folks, a recipe for disaster.

At about 8/James I hear several passengers ... uh ... *remark strongly* about someone's pants coming down, baring their unsightly netherparts to people who are not, in fact, medical professionals. Naturally I don't see this, so I can't exactly tell whoever it it to pull 'em up. So...

"I understand that we may have a few cases of droopy drawers on the coach today. At this time I need everyone to grab onto their waistbands and pull up. Up!"

In other news, who the fuck decided that day baseball games on thursdays would be a good idea? *Everyone* drives on thursday. Yes folks, it's another recipe for disaster.

So are watermain leaks that happen underneath important trolley wires. during rush hour. just as the game lets out.

To close, I'd just like to thank the taxpayers of King County for 20 minutes of extra overtime this afternoon. Cheers!

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