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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Blessed Grey Poupon

One of the other drivers did the Grey Poupon thing to me today. I was ready for him, though. I had a little squeezie of it from a sandwich I bought this morning. "But of course..."

Lately, a bunch of people have been saying to me "Have a blessed day." I feel completely slimed everytime this happens. Wish me a good day. Wish me a nice day. Tell me to go fuck myself. But don't attack me with your gods, dammit. You don't have the standing.


I alternate between "Have a nice day meow" (they're never quite sure if they heard me correctly), and a good ol "Cheers!". I think if anyone told me to have a blessed day I'd have to counter with blessings from our dark lord satan or something.

oh man, i hope that doesn't catch on.

i've actually had a few people say "god bless you" to which i've replied "which god?" it seems to confuse the hell out of them more than anything.