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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Geekin' out

Austin, Texas, Chez delores

geekin' out (also what we called it)

That's fun-- it used to be a novel thing to me; now I live with my wifi-enabled girlfriend and we do this almost every day at some point. The worst is sending IMs instead of talking.

whatcha doin' in Austin? [other than g33kin' it up?]


preparing to infiltrate enemy territory. (hit refresh for the full report.) also checking out some music, visiting friends and just Getting Away From It All

how's with you?

Things are insane, as I help open am opening MoMA books back up. It's absolutely insane. My schedule sucks. I'm in my 90 day trial period [before benefits and comp days and union and all sorts of nice things], so I can't complain much [outloud.]

It's decent, I decided to write myself down as 0 dependents in the hopes of getting a bit of $ back from the government and going somewhere in Spring [after my 90 day period and when my 4 weeks paid vacation start kicking in.]

It's been utter chaos, you throw a huge museum opening in a pot with artists, students, clothing retail people who don't know how to spell "museum", flakes, publishers, faulty distributors, and a very very very close opening day, and it feels like I haven't slept in weeks. [I haven't, really.]

But Come January, after x-mas insanity and opening insanity, and once things start settling in, I'm optimistic, things will be okay.

Either that or I'm moving to the Met. =X


Your post makes much more sense now. :)