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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
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From the Wichita Daily Times, Wichita Falls, Texas, December 28, 1910:

Have You Any Catsup on Hand?

You ought never to be out of it so
if your last bottle is nearly gone bet-
ter let us send you another -- why not
get a dozen bottles?

Monarch Catsup is one of the best
produced. It is an excellent product,
clean, pure, refined and of delightful

One-half pints 15c, Pints 25c,
Quarts 45c

For fresh oysters there is nothing
quite equal to Cocktail Oyster Catsup
at 35c per bottle.

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From the 2000 Farmer's Almanac

Women want it! Women Love It! Women Need It!
The Mighty

If You Like Women,
This is the Pill for You!

Nothing is more mighty than The Mighty Red Ram! "He can! He can!" is what they are saying! Both men and women agree! The Mighty Red Ram knows what he wants if the woman is willing — nothing can stop him!
Age Does Not Matter!
  • The Mighty Red Ram wants to help every man!
    Luck Does Not Matter!
  • The Mighty Red Ram is full of good luck!
    Education Does Not Matter!
  • The Mighty Red Ram has all the education he needs!
    Money Does Not Matter!
  • The Mighty Red Ram — he is enough!
    Discover The Power Of
    The Mighty Red Ram!

    Never has been seen such a pill for men! His daily use is guaranteed to supply the full potency — as described on the bottle! The Mighty Red Ram is active and ready! The Mighty Red Ram wants to go to work for you!