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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Wedding Bells a-Ringin'

November 17, 2004

Bush and Rice announcement

WASHINGTON (SpiffNews) -- President George W. Bush announced today that he has asked Secretary of State (Designate) Condoleezza Rice for her hand in marriage. Dr. Rice was "delighted to accept" and nuptials are being planned by State Department protocol experts.

The president's first wife, Mrs. Laura Bush, is said to be excited by the news as well. "It's a big ranch, and I could sure use a hand around the place. Condi's proven skills in roping and branding are a true Godsend!"

More details as they become available.

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her adoring eyes and really intense face when she looks at Bush makes me want to spew.


Yeah, I saw that on the front of the NY Times and stopped dead in my tracks and said "ohhhh, shiiiiit..."

What's funny is that I couldn't find that specific pic anywhere (or at least all the places I could check in an hour). I get the feeling it was supressed, but maybe I'm paranoid. Anyway, Fox News (bleah, spit, hiss!) had the press conference on their streaming video thingy and I was able to get the frame I wanted.

And, yes, maybe they *are* out to get me. And, yes, maybe I'm out to get *them*...